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Use This Magic Way To Earn Handsome Money With Maxbounty Or AdworkMedia

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Use This Magic Way To Earn Handsome Money With Maxbounty Or AdworkMedia

Post by Admin on 14th October 2018, 16:28

Usman Ali here to provide some value to the mates.

Today I am sharing the way to make more than 100$ per day with the help of youtube and any CPA network like Maxbounty, PeerFly or AdworkMedia.

No Fluff and coming straight to the point. Before Starting I must say that you should read the article all the way down very carefully.

To make more than a $100 is not that hard but it will require some research and the most important thing is **"Take An Action"**

To start this successful strategy you need only one thing and that is  ***Any CPA Network***

First Thing First, Open your CPA network and decide any offer that pays a reasonable amount of money for email/pin submit. Make sure the offer allows search traffic.

Let say you decide the following offer from maxbounty.

It is a good Health Offer like it pays $3.50 if anyone who is in USA just submits his/her email address and it converts on all devices.
Now grab its URL and write down in a safe place with the offer name.

Now open YouTube and write something like " Health" or "Health and Fitness" ( Use the keywords according to the offer's niche)
Go to Filters and select "Channel"

Now you will see a long list of different channels on the health niche.
You have to find a channel that has the subscribers between 20k to 50k.

Open some channels and see their stats, You can use socialblade to see the performance.

Consider some points while selecting a channel.
1- Subscribers should be between 20k to 50 k
2- Channel country must be USA. ( Confirm it in about section)
3- Videos must be uploaded by the channel atleast twice a week
4- Each latest video must have suffienct views on it, like if a video is uploaded a day ago then it should have atleast 2k.

If you able to find a good channel that has good user engagement then go to the about section and see the email of the channel owner.

Contact the channel owner and ask him to place your link in the first place in the description.
Ask him to place your link in the description at least for one month and to keep this he should charge you something between $20 to $30. You can offer more if he has a good amount of views on each video.

So If you able to find a good channel then have a deal with him.
The viewers and subscribers usually intend to visit the link and the description and if your offer is good then they will surely signup and for each signup, you will get $3.5, less or more according to the offer payout.
If you get a very good business then you can scale it up.

This technique is useful and better than doing Facebook ads, Facebook ads are way expensive to promote health offers.
Please share your experience here so all the newbies could be able to make money with CPA.

If you like this article please upvote and if you want to see more useful tips to promote the CPA or affiliate offers then ask me in the comment section.


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