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[Secret] How to Spy on Advertisers Traffic Sources for Affiliate Ads For Free

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[Secret] How to Spy on Advertisers Traffic Sources for Affiliate Ads For Free

Post by Admin on 14th October 2018, 18:08

Pissed off by spending money on paid ad spy tools for CPA or Affiliate Marketing??
You should try this one.

I am gonna share you a method to know the successful ad advertisements so you could be able to replicate the process to earn good commissions.
The steps are very simple,
Go to

You will see this great page where you can see all the information about the past running campaigns.
It will provide you all the necessary details about the ad including when and where the campaign was run.
You will also know about the ad type and the platform like whether it was on the windows or tablet etc.
you can see the normal details by hovering over the image or click on any image to see the details of the ad.

Because this platform is free to spy on the advertiser's traffic so you will be able to see only one-month-old campaigns.

you can also use the advanced search to see your desired keyword's campaigns.
This is really a cool website that provides the useful information free of cost.

You can even see the creatives and the landing pages that the certain ad united have used for the campaign.
You can simply replicate the ad by downloading the same image, writing the article with some modification and by going to the particular ad network that might have seen on the ad information.

I hope this article will help you to spy on the successful campaigns.
If you found some value from this article then leave a cool reply. This will motivate me to bring some more cool and secret stuff about Affiliate Marketing.

To Read This Article in Urdu Please Visit Here


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